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Rovuma is the name of River in East Africa and that makes the border between Mozambique and Tanzania and with a length of 760 km. Imposing. The Rovuma river rises near the Lake Malawi and flows into the Indian Ocean, near the Mozambican Province of Cabo Delgado and gives rise to a major river basin of the Mozambican territory. On the banks of the imposing Ruvuma region can be seen towering animals: elephants, hippos, Lions and crocodiles. Also on the banks of the imposing Rovuma river the talented and imposing Makonde people, a bantu ethnic group which lives in southeastern Tanzania and northeastern Mozambique, especially in the Mueda plateau.

The Makonde people always resisted being conquered by other African peoples, by Arabs and by slavers and resisted the colonial power until the 20 years of the 20th century. This is the ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP that we’re building. Imposing as the Rovuma River.With Talent .


The year 2015 gave birth to the international phenomenon of birth of ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION LIMITED and consequently the unification of companies, The ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP. The ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP is involved from the beginning and developed a pioneering role which is spreading to more than 50 countries worldwide.


Aircraft and Helicopter Leasing and Financing Solutions: Aviation financing solutions tailored to meet your business goals.


ROVUMA WORLDWIDE REAL ESTATE LIMITED, a consortium of independent commercial real estate firms, provides complete integrated real estate solutions locally and internationally


ROVUMA MINING & METALS LIMITED, an ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP company operates directly or indirectly high quality iron ore and diamond mines in different countries.


ROVUMA SECURITIES LIMITED offers innovative financial and investment solutions, aiming at supporting the growth of its corporate clients


With the ROVUMA TRADEFIN solutions, companies can improve their trading status and achieve their domestic and international trade objectives with our fully integrated channels and global services platforms and trade & trade finance solutions.


ROVUMA OIL & GAS can serve clients with products tailored to meet their specific business needs,


To create economic and social value in the long run, taking the benefits of progress and innovation to an ever increasing number of people is the commitment made when we decided to create this business project .

This is our mission statement that we pledge before our stakeholders. Our objective and our ambition is to continue our path, multiplying, in a sustainable way, value that contributes to the well-being of an ever increasing number of people.

Rovuma is a company with solid and deep-rooted roots that can enable us to leverage a vast number of businesses, from aviation, commodities, investment, minerals and metals, oil and gas, real estate to healthcare . And we want to make this young group of companies an consistent and strong group, as is the imposing Ruvuma River in the region of East Africa .

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The inspiration behind the founding of the ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP was the imposing Rovuma River and a group of professionals originating mostly from the same family . Today, 200 years later, we continue the approach established by the family. Our working style emphasises integrity and intellectual rigour. We constantly share knowledge and skills to bring our experience and expertise to any challenge or problem, anywhere around the world.  We seek to innovate and improve in every area where we do business and are recognised by our creativity and flair..