The inspiration behind the founding of the ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP was the imposing Rovuma River and a group of professionals originating mostly from the same family . The founders realized that there was considerable demand for some services in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Central and South America’s, and decided to establish the group of companies.

ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP intends to become an important boutique group of companies specializing in aviation, commodities; corporate, fiduciary and trust services; metals and minerals; oil and gas, real estate and trade finance . With partners or offices in both established and emerging markets, we aim to be where the growth is, connecting customers to opportunities, enabling businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, and, ultimately, helping people to fulfil their hopes and realise their ambitions.

Our objective will be to serve customers through our Global Businesses : aviation, commodities; corporate, fiduciary and trust services; metals and minerals; oil and gas, real estate and trade finance . The network that we are establishing may covers 50 countries and territories in Europe, Asia-Pacific and China, Middle East and Africa, Central and South America’s .

Rovuma is not listed in any stock exchanges .

Soon after its formation, the group began opening offices and establish partnerships to expand the services it could offer customers. Although that network reached as far as Africa, Asia-Pacific and China, Europe, Middle East, Central and South America’s, the emphasis was on building up representation in China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.

From the outset trade finance is a strong feature of the local and international business of the group, an expertise that can been recognised throughout its history.

Challenges and change

At the time that we were proceeding with studies for the formation of the business project, 2014 ushered in an era of uncertainty with economic recession and political turmoil in many of the markets . But with perseverance, courage and spirit of entrepreneurship we decided to move on and in 2015 the project that begun in 2014 is a reality that proud all of us : .

In other markets, however, Rovuma need to make major readjustments.

These changes carried the risk that the group was over-concentrating its interests in United Kingdom and different business areas in a single company. The group addressed this concern by diversifying through a series of alliances and acquisitions.

The purchases of some companies took ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP into new pastures, and the formation of a group of companies focused in the areas of aviation, investment, metals and minerals, oil and gas and trade finance extended its range of services. ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP had firmly developed a policy of expansion by acquisition or formation of subsidiaries with their own identities and expertise.

Making the modern ROVUMA

Despite the short time of existence, ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP moved from an important business project to one of the future world’s leading services organisations. This transition was achieved by a number of steps.

Our Core Values :


ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP core values are respect for clients, ethics, innovation, meritocracy, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, and commitment to a corporate environment that motivates its contributors and enables them to maximize their talents and skills


ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP looks after its solid capital structure and exceptional ability to manage risks. The Group adopts practices and policies always in compliance with the most rigorous standards of ethics and quality.


Our mission is to offer clients a modern and innovative platform of products and financial advisory, making a set of solutions feasible. From strategic decision-making to investment alternatives, solutions are tailored to each client’s needs, always meeting the most rigorous standards of ethics and quality.


For ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP, transparency is essential when managing a business. Ethical conduct is an obligation and premise for ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP in its relationships with internal professionals, clients and the society.


At ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP we promote a partnership and meritocratic management structure and we believes in the entrepreneurial potential of our clients and conveys such value to our contributors. At ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP, talents are rewarded directly for their hard work, commitment and results brought to our clients and, consequently, to the Group. We promote an environment of respect based on trust and mutual support. We work on a flat structure and have an “open door policy” with constant access to senior management .


We aim to be a complete client-focused Multiple Global Companies, by means of an entrepreneurial and creative attitude in a meritocratic, safe and technological environment, growing together with our clients, and contributing to the creation of an ethical and democratic society.


Our head office is in United Kingdom, but we are also present in some countries of Europe (Kingdom of Spain), Africa, Asia-Pacific and China, Middle East and Central and South America’s . We are also consolidating our global platform and will soon have offices in more countries. We think globally and act locally, in order to offer our clients the best business opportunities.

Our business principles define our fundamental expectations for the way we should interact with our clients, manage our business and attract, retain and motivate our partners and employees.