The year 2015 gave birth to the international phenomenon of birth of ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION LIMITED and consequently the unification of companies, The ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP. The ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP is involved from the beginning and developed a pioneering role which is spreading to more than 50 countries worldwide.

It is organized globally so that clients can obtain the services they require advice and wherever it suits them. Through its own or partners offices in 50 countries, from Europe ( United Kingdom and Kingdom of Spain ), Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Pacific and China, Middle East to Central and South America’s, clients can access ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP ideas and expertise.

The ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP operates in strategic areas, seeking opportunities, implementing transformational investments and generating wealth in an integrated and efficient manner.

It is comprised of privately owned companies and not listed on any stock market and with the highest standards of corporate governance. These companies include those whose business is :


Investment Services

Mining and Metals

Oil and Gas

Real Estate

Trade Finance & Commodities

A group founded in United Kingdom with global reach. Our mission is to transform good ideas into wealth, dreams into reality. We think big, planning today for a more prosperous and sustainable future. We want to leave legacies to our successors.

We identify the best business opportunities and turn them into value. We are a multi-sectoral group. The synergy of our capital leads to the generation of shared wealth.

We operate with transparency and accountability for those who have confidence in our ability to execute high-value initiatives for individuals, for the countries and the world.

The ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP is committed with the development of the countries where operates.

ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP provides services and products to corporates, governments and institutions .


Aircraft and Helicopter Leasing and Financing Solutions :

Aviation financing solutions tailored to meet your business goals.


ROVUMA WORLDWIDE REAL ESTATE LIMITED, a consortium of independent commercial real estate firms, provides complete integrated real estate solutions locally and internationally.


ROVUMA SECURITIES LIMITED offers innovative financial and investment solutions, aiming at supporting the growth of its corporate clients.


With the ROVUMA TRADEFIN solutions, companies can improve their trading status and achieve their domestic and international trade objectives with our fully integrated channels and global services platforms and trade & trade finance solutions.


ROVUMA MINING & METALS LIMITED, an ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP company operates directly or indirectly high quality iron ore and diamond mines in different countries.


ROVUMA OIL & GAS can serve clients with products tailored to meet their specific business needs,