Offshore Finance :

ROVUMA OIL & GAS can serve clients with products tailored to meet their specific business needs, offering the following range of products and services :

  • Structured Asset Financing :

Drawing on our Structured Asset Financing core service, ROVUMA OIL & GAS’s Offshore Finance offers debt financing and financial solutions relating to offshore assets such as offshore support vessels (platform supply vessels; and anchor handling tug and supply vessels), subsea and construction vessels, seismic vessels, accommodation units, drilling rigs, and floating production units.

The main focus of our lending activities is to customise each financing to the specific needs and circumstances of the client of the oil and gas areas, whilst ensuring that risk and profitability are adequately addressed. In all transactions our clients profit from our in-depth expertise and long-standing market experience.

Founded in 2015 by ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP, ROVUMA OIL & GAS LIMITED is a privately owned company and not listed on any stock market and is focused on oil and natural gas exploration and production, investments and supply of various equipment, and is conducting the largest private sector exploratory campaign in some countries and supporting some partners that are some of the most important companies in the world. With the highest Governance Standards, its team of professionals has proven experience and track-record of success in the naval industry and offshore sectors.

We were created in an highly-favorable scenario : strong expansion of the oil & gas industry globally and especially in Brazil; the demand for products, services and equipments generated by ROVUMA OIL & GAS LIMITED – company of the ROVUMA INTERNATIONAL GROUP focused on the offshore oil and gas industry designing and producing many types of offshore drilling equipments .

  • Study, Exploration and Production:
    • Crude Oil
    • Natural Gas
  • Support Operations
  • Rig Activities :
    • Construction
    • Sale
    • Rental/ Lease
    • Maintenance
    • Finance
  • Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig platform
  • Semi-Submersible drilling/production platform
  • Offshore oil rig drilling platform
  • Deepwater semisubmersible rigs
  • Semi-Submersible
  • Accommodation Work Platform

Rovuma wants to be an important company in offshore drilling, providing contract drilling services to the energy industry around the globe with a total fleet of 30 offshore drilling rigs . ROVUMA OIL & GAS’s fleet consists of 20 semisubmersibles, of which one harsh environment semi is under construction, five dynamically positioned drillships, one of which is under construction, and six jack-ups. When we refer to “fleet”, we consider the own fleet and the fleet of our partners.

Additional equipments :

  • Subsea excavation equipments and tools;
  • Centrifugal pumps;
  • Positive displacement pumps;
  • Foldable and fully foldable telescopic marine cranes;
  • Pipe Equipment;
  • Hydraulic Power Units :
    • Hydraulic Pumps;
    • Hydraulic Motors;
    • Hydraulic Lifts;
    • Hydraulic Valves;
  • Barge drilling rigs
  • Offshore vessels
  • Marine Riser & Guideline Tensioners
  • Motion Compensation Systems
  • Lift Cylinders
  • Test Stumps & Storage Stand Bases

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations and continually set the standard of excellence as we assist our customers in their worldwide efforts to discover and produce offshore petroleum resources.

In the expansion plans of the Rovuma is considered the possibility to participate in projects of study, exploration/extraction and production of oil and gas .

Since 2015, Rovuma International Group is involved in all aspects of minerals and metals business and with special focus on the business of diamonds (rough diamonds). From operations of its partners or its mining operations, the company produces important percentage of supply in the international market.