Trade & Trade Finance Solutions :

With the ROVUMA TRADEFIN solutions, companies can improve their trading status and achieve their domestic and international trade objectives with our fully integrated channels and global services platforms and trade & trade finance solutions. By helping to mitigate risk and negotiate credit terms, our range of solutions can help you trade confidently and efficiently overseas.

Our Trade Solutions will help you mitigate risk, ensure payment security and maximise working capital

Through our network of offices around the world, we can support your trade needs in multiple markets

Our trade experts provide international expertise that you can access locally

Our solutions incorporate features that have been developed using our many years of experience in international trade

We understand that no two transactions are alike and therefore our solutions can help meet your specific needs

Through our global network, we can provide clients with a range of services. Our experienced, locally based Relationship Directors and Trade Specialists will work with you to understand your wider international needs and support access to the capabilities of Barclays, such as foreign exchange, risk management solutions and international payments.

With the support of the most prestigious investment houses, investment banks, merchant banks, trade finance houses, trading companies, insurance companies, independent experts and partners, ROVUMA TRADEFIN can offer Trade Solutions :

  • Bonds, Guarantees and Indemnities;
  • Letter of Credit Discounting – to improve your cashflow by

receiving money due to you under a Letter of Credit;

  • Trade Collections – receive and make payments efficiently

and securely for your exports and imports;

  • Trade Loans – to improve the cashflow by promptly paying

to suppliers and for purchases or imports;

  • Letters of Credit – securely settle overseas trade by

protecting yourself against payment default and trading


  • Supplier Finance – to optimise your cash and working

capital management as well as reduce supply chain risk

with our platform;

  • Interest Rates – to manage the exposure and sensitivity to

interest rate movements with the range of hedging


  • Foreign Exchange – to reduce the risk of the exchange rate

volatility and benefit with products and services that meet

FX requirements.

Rovuma International Group’s business are organized to deliver equipment for oil exploration and refining and gas companies around the world. Rovuma’s businesses are also organized to deliver the energy products and services people around the world need right now. With the support of our partners, our Upstream segment is responsible for our activities in oil and gas exploration, field development and production. Our Downstream segment is the product of arm and led her service Rovuma International Group, focused on fuels, lubricants and petrochemicals.